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We're in the process of updating our website to reflect NAWA's growth & expanding inventory.  Please visit our instagram @nawa_nj for the most recent pieces & products!

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Bringing the Outdoors In

Joe Pruiti was born in Italy.  He currently resides in New Jersey, creating unique and conversation-worthy artwork. Joe's philosophy is that humans are hard-wired to love and need exposure to the natural world. Incorporating these natural and organic materials into your everyday spaces can have a soothing and restorative effect on the human spirit. He hopes that his pieces inspire as much creativity into those displaying them, as they did when he was creating them. 

Against the Grain

Joe takes great joy in fringe thinking and looking beyond the peripheral. Whole worlds can be imagined from patterns that present themselves in the grain, spalting, or form of each piece of wood he finds.  He hopes to brings those worlds into yours. Each NAWA piece is one-of-a-kind and individually inspired. If there is something that inspires you beyond what is available, please feel free to reach out to us for custom work. 

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